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Nest™ Storage Tray

Nest storage tray size


  • Non-staining glass top that's easy to clean.
  • Metal alloy hinged door with soft-closure hardware.
  • Standard gray glass top.
  • 150+ standard colors or custom color match available for the glass top.
  • Recycled felt lining to store your tools.

Reveal™ Tray

Reveal Tray dimensions


  • Non-staining glass top that's easy to clean.
  • 150+ standard colors and custom color match available.
  • Choose matching or contrasting colors for each of the tray's two glass pieces.

Studio Essentials™ Aluminum Tray

Studio Essentials Aluminum Tray dimensions


  • Durable anodized aluminum is easy to clean.

Premium Accessory Kit

Arden Studio Premium Accessory Kit


4 ea. Premium Glass Board Markers

  • Designed and engineered for excellent readability on glass surfaces.
  • Ink colors: Black, Red, Green, Blue.

1 ea. Premium Glass Board Eraser

  • Optimized for use on glass boards.
  • Includes magnetic caddy for simple storage.

2ea Premium Glass Board Magnets

  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Optimized for glass.