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nordic collection

Ready to Ship Boards

Nordic Collection board sizes

Nordic Collection board spec

  • Magnetic 4 mm, low-iron glass
  • Board suspended by a track, appears to float.
  • Allows for lateral board adjustment.
  • Accessories and drywall mounting hardware included.

Nordic Collection Glass Boards


Item Number

2' x 3' Q01W0190023-01-AS
3' x 4' Q01W0190034-01-AS
4' x 6' Q01W0190046-01-AS
4' x 8' Q01W0190048-01-AS

Made To Order Mobile Panel

Nordic Mobile panel dimensions


Nordic color selection


  • Magnetic 4 mm, low-iron glass.
  • 2-sided writeable surface.
  • Built-in storage tray.
  • Large 2.5" casters for easy mobility.
  • Accessories included.

Nordic Collection Mobile Panel

Accent Material

Item Number

Silver Q28W0190000-01-AS
Desert Elm Q280190004-01-AS
Alluvium Elm Q280190005-01-AS


Ready to Ship Screens

Nordic glass screen dimensions


Nordic screen finish options


  • Tempered 10mm, low-iron glass.
  • Frost or clear finish available.
  • Powder-coated steel feet.
  • Includes optional 2" casters..

Nordic Collection Glass Screens


Item Number

Clear Q280190002-01-AS
Frost Q280190003-01-AS


add coordinated storage

An integrated spot to stash markers, erasers and magnets, our standard storage solutions are designed to complement any wall-mounted glass board.

Nest™ Storage Tray

Nest storage tray size


  • Non-staining glass top that's easy to clean.
  • Metal alloy hinged door with soft-closure hardware.
  • Recycled felt lining to store your tools

Nest Storage (gray top glass)


Item Number

24" Q410190022-01-AS

Studio Essentials™ Aluminum Tray

Aluminum Tray Specs


  • Durable anodized aluminum is easy to clean.
  • Easily attaches directly to your glass board.
Studio Essentials Aluminum Tray
Size Item Number
24" Q070190018-01-AS