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Group of Mobl panels with colored glass and acoustic combinations for flexibility and visual impact.

PET Felt Acoustic Panels

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Available in three colors.

Custom Colored Glass

150+ standard colors and custom match color available.

Custom Graphics

Make a statement with UV-cured direct-to-glass printing.

For our 4 mm Fineline™ glass, we use tempered Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass,

which offers an optimal writing surface and stunning clarity. Choose from more than 150 colors, created with water-based inks: The glass color will pop as boldly as your ideas.

Flexible collaboration with Mobl, a glass easel by Arden Studio, in a modern office café.

Flexible Spaces

Mobl is easily movable to promote spontaneity and creativity anywhere.

Magnetic Glass Surface

4 mm glass creates a stronger magnetic surface than 6 mm glass*, making sure your ideas stick.

Integrated marker and eraser storage options showing silver, light wood and dark wood trim.

Accent Material

The storage area’s aluminum or wood finish creates a compelling visual contrast to glass.

Exposed Edge

The beauty of the glass is illuminated through the exposed edges.

Bevel edge detail on PET acoustic panel and 2 mobile panels with gray and blue PET in the back.

Finished Edges

Angled edges on PET felt give the panels a sleek and polished look.

individually crafted to exceed expectations


Designed for everyday use in busy spaces, Mobl has a sturdy construction, die-cast feet and heavy-duty casters.


Form follows function: The minimal design highlights the beauty of the materials and can easily fit into any modern workspace.

Made for You

Go subtle or go bold with more than 150 standard glass colors or color match your own. Add graphics or logos

Starphire Ultra-Clear is a registered trademark owned by Vitro.

*Comparing 4 mm and 6 mm Vitro Starphire glass, using the same thickness steel backing.