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Arden Studio is Closed.

Arden Studio is Closed.

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A series of white glass Walscape panels in collaboration space with couch and coffee tables.

Walls become windows of opportunity.

Walscape is made from beautiful and durable 6 mm Starphire Ultra-Clear® Glass that offers stunning clarity. Available in more than 150 standard non-solvent, water-based colors — and infinite custom colors — mix and match to contrast and coordinate in your unique space.

Custom shaped blue, gray and orange Walscape glass panels with floor paint continuing the shapes.

Arden Studio glass writing wall with decorative leaf pattern installed in a hospital surgery room.

crafted to exceed expectations

Clean + Clear

Our glass surfaces are easy to clean and disinfect — and Walscape panels are GREENGUARD certified, ensuring low emissions for better indoor air quality.


Walscape can be made in any size or shape up to 60" x 144", including cut-outs or notches.

Infinite Shades of Green

Walscape uses water-based paints that provide enduring color retention over time, and generate less odor than oil-based paints. Plus, they off-gas far less fumes (VOCs).

Starphire Ultra-Clear is a registered trademark owned by Vitro.

Arden Studio Is Closed

But there are more premium glass products that can be purchased with bulk pricing at Quartet.

From glass boards to porcelain boards to mobile easels, bulletin boards and wayfinding—we've got you covered. Our team is here to help you discover the right solution for your project.