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healthcare inspiration

Cafe space in hospital with glass wall panels.

Walscape™ | custom print

Hospital waiting area with etched Haven organic screens.


Infusion center with etched glass Haven screens.

Haven™ | Walscape™

Pediatric room with glass patient care board.

Studio Essentials™

Lobby with Haven space partitions.


Nurse station with glass scheduling board.

Studio Essentials™ |

Hospital reception area with etched glass desk screens.


Dentist waiting area with glass partitions and glass boards

Studio Essentials™ | Walscape™ | Haven™

Arden Studio patient room glass board

Studio Essentials™ | custom print

Arden Studio urgent care lobby

Walscape™ | Studio Essentials™ | custom print

Arden Studio glass wall operating room O.R.

Walscape™ | custom print

Arden Studio patient room printed glass

Studio Essentials™ | custom print