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crafting a better board

4 mm Fineline™ glass: why you will love it!

Lighter Weight

Weighing 33% less than 6 mm glass, our 4 mm Fineline glass not only saves on shipping weight, it also makes installation easier.

Holding Power

Many clients choose magnetized boards: So our 4 mm glass nearly doubles the average hold strength of 6 mm glass*, securing up to 23 sheets of paper** versus the standard 12.

The Optimal Writing Surface

Our 4 mm Fineline™ glass is 33% thinner than the average 6 mm glass board, which reduces light refraction and shadows*** This helps avoid translucent, washed out images, so your lines are brighter, bolder and clearer.

smart storage

No More Mess

Too often considered an afterthought, our storage solutions are not only a spot to stash markers and erasers — they are functional, beautiful and informed by the way people collaborate, ideate and work.

Writing Tools on the Go

Our Mobl panels have been designed with integrated storage in mind. Thoughtful details are built into every Arden Studio project.

beyond the glass

Row of multi-color Arden Studio glass board markers placing bold ink on a glass surface.

A Better Writing Experience

Delivering the finest writing experience around doesn’t stop at the board. Our markers are designed and engineered for exceptional readability on glass. Intense, high-contrast ink pigments and specially designed tips deliver excellent clarity and performance.

Starphire Ultra-Clear is a registered trademark owned by Vitro.

*Comparing 4 mm and 6 mm Vitro Starphire glass, using the same thickness steel backing
**20lb., letter.
***When same quality glass is compared.